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The low level of the machine tool industry structure "high-end, low-end melee"

POPULARITY:      DATE: 2016/11/14 16:59:34

In a press conference on the fourteenth China International Machine Tool Exhibition, China Machine Tool Association, responsible person with respect, bearing operation of machine tool industry in 2014 last year, further increase the downward pressure, is the most difficult industry ten years trough. Data show that only in December 2014, the whole industry deficit enterprises accounted for 31.9%, of which gold cutting machine is up to 42.7%. The low level of the machine tool industry structure, high-end, low-end melee ", is the main reason causing the loss of business.

Data show that the machine tool industry as a whole is not optimistic, executive vice chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association Secretary General Chen said, for example, in 2014 1-2 months, industry wide losses up to 50%, and the loss of more than 56% enterprises of metal processing machines. Last year, a number of machine tool companies announced the closure of the loss gradually expand the face.

Chen Huiren further explained that due to the limited level of technology, high-end machine tools mainly rely on imports, while low-end machine tool overcapacity, inventory high, less profit margins. And the industry homogenization of serious competition in the low-end market, even vicious price competition signs, some companies use less than the cost of unfair competition means to gain market share.

2014 machine tool industry in the new normal, one important aspect of performance for low-speed operation will maintain a period of time, the development of the industry will also shift from high speed to high-quality, high efficiency transfer. Analysis of the industry, the grim market situation will become the biggest force forced industry transformation. One of the development of foreign machine tool enterprises in recent years the trend is based on high-end led to maintain and extend downward on the domestic market, in the low-end machine is saturated under the tide of the market will become the only way which must be passed to snatch the end of development of machine tool industry.

Last year, the machine tool industry exports grew 22.1%, total exports reached $11 billion 630 million, compared with 2013, a slight increase. Concluded in 2014 when the industry operating conditions to determine, the industry has not yet come out of the main body down range, but the amplitude slowed. Expected 2015 machine tool industry downward pressure, domestic machine sales is expected to be flat with the year in 2014, adjust the industrial structure, expanding the high-end product line is still an important topic of enterprise development this year.   

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