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Under the new normal China made embrace smart manufacturing change era

POPULARITY:      DATE: 2016/11/14 16:58:52

Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou City, a photovoltaic company, the huge plant is empty, several workers "leisurely" operation of several sets of intelligent machine tool. The manipulator on the machine tool is busy but does not stop, repeatedly grabs the battery board to put on the automatic assembly line the welding movement. This is the home of photovoltaic enterprise machine substitutions to the first half of each ordinary working day scene.

"This Taiwan industrial robot vision module, automatic positioning, can be accurate to 0.01 mm, more accurate than the human eye. Product fragmentation rate is also half lower than manual operation." Robot manufacturer ConfirmWare Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. chairman Ren Tianting said, "it is important, willing to do the boring work."   

"A robot's capacity is equivalent to the past, a 20 person workshop, greatly save manpower cost." Tianting Ren told reporters. He admitted, a lot of 80, 90 new generation workers, but also do not want to engage in what they think 'no dignity' boring production line work".   

In any Tianting view, in the background of recruitment recruitment is difficult, expensive, the photovoltaic industry as labor-intensive "machine substitution curtainmy.ssbbww.combegins. At present, the industry of machine substitutions the proportion is only about 20% of industrial robots and popularity of the golden period of 3-5 years.  

The robot market prospects for manufacturing industry automation upgrades, as Tianting very optimistic. He said that the company is currently developing services in the logistics industry robots, but also very concerned about the prospects of fire, medical robots.

In Xiaoshan District Rongsheng group's textile subsidiary, also opened a "machine substitution plan. The introduction of the company's automatic equipment capacity accounted for 40% of the total production capacity. Compared with the old production line, saving more than 500 artificial.  

This is the China manufacturing industry began to embrace a microcosm of intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading. In recent years, due to sluggish demand, rising costs, many rely on cheap labor low-end manufacturing enterprises struggling. To intelligent manufacturing forward to the industrial chain to become high-end enterprises bigger and stronger by choice.   

In addition to production automation, "Internet +" Chinese manufacturing outlet, also ushered in the Internet to reshape the value chain of production opportunities.

The State Council executive meeting held in March 25th to accelerate the deployment of the implementation of the "2025 Chinese manufacturing", realize the upgrading of the manufacturing industry. The meeting proposed to conform to the trend of "Internet +", with the depth of integration of informatization and industrialization as the main line, strengthening the industrial base capabilities, improve the technological level and product quality, promoting the intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing.  

Will be officially issued in the recent "2025" is the implementation of China manufacturing manufacturing power strategy in China for the first ten years of the programme of action. This long-term strategic planning is to focus on the whole international and domestic economic and social development, the development of industrial trends formulated, known as the Chinese version of the "industrial 4" planning.

MIIT minister Miao Wei said earlier, from manufacturing power to a power shift, intelligent manufacturing will be the main direction. MIIT survey shows that intelligent manufacturing so many industrial enterprises to shorten the R & D cycle, improve the design efficiency, reducing R & D costs. Above scale industrial enterprises, the production line CNC equipment ratio of 30%, an average annual growth of nearly five years of 4 percentage points.   

People think India wells responsible for Alibaba Tmall appliances, the background of the development of the Internet, big data business platform can play the role of connecting businesses and consumers. Consumer spending habits, preferences, after big data analysis, will promote the production of more personalized products to meet consumer demand, which is C2B mode.   

India Wells said, Tmall appliances will be launched this month, several consumer custom appliances. He believes that in the traditional production model, companies can not accurately understand the user needs, easily lead to product backlog. In the Internet era, big data provider platform is real-time feedback to businesses. So, "C2B" mode, is on-demand production, help shorten the supply chain cycle.   

Vice President IDG capital building in that "C2B" big data customization is the trend, will profoundly change the Chinese manufacturing. "The traditional mode, manufacturers usually use a large area of the whole channel distribution strategy, which will bring pressure on the stock and the upstream industry chain accounts receivable problem. 'C2B' custom model, can significantly reduce inventory." Lou Jun said.   

Lou Jun said that at present some personalized customization services, such as 3D printing, mass market is still not fully accepted. "But custom model is the development trend, has a bright market prospects." He said.

Recently, home appliance giant GREE electric appliances also put intelligent manufacturing as a strategic development direction. With the application of automation equipment, the total number of employees has been reduced from 90 thousand in 2012 to the current 70 thousand people, greatly improving efficiency and reduce labor costs. Meanwhile, with Haier, Midea and other competitors, GREE has also announced to enter the field of smart home.   

GREE vice president Wang Jingdong said, GREE central air-conditioning will use the Internet to provide such reports to the user, the relevant parameters of online transmission back examination, so as to provide users with timely maintenance and maintenance plan.  

At the same time, Wang Jing Dong also said that in the production level, the use of big data users will feedback to the design process, contribute to a better understanding and explore the needs of individual consumers.   

For China manufacturing industry faces the challenge of Wang Jing Dong admitted that the whole industry is facing problems of lack of lack of innovation and innovative protection. He said: China's overall innovation capacity of manufacturing is not enough. At the same time, the state should vigorously protect innovation, establish a fair competitive environment, so as to fundamentally improve the level of manufacturing."   

The general manager of China CNHTC Hangzhou Engine Co. Ltd. Yu Jianjiang also have similar concerns. He believes that the next ten years, industry automation, informationization will become increasingly high, "but in the automotive sector, compared with other countries, our technology innovation is still a big gap, many have not yet mastered the core technology."

Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Su Bo said, do not grasp the core technology is one of the outstanding problems of China industrial structure, promoting the "2025 Chinese manufacturing" is the core of innovation and re innovation. He said that the country will accelerate the improvement of the manufacturing sector innovation system and innovation chain construction, promote cross sectoral collaborative innovation across the industry, the formation of an entrepreneurial environment can make innovation burst social environment.

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