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Reasons for common problems of hydraulic shearing machine cylinder

POPULARITY:      DATE: 2016/11/14 13:35:23

Reasons for common problems of hydraulic shearing machine cylinder:

1, hydraulic pump supply shortage: because the internal pump parts wear will make the volumetric efficiency of the pump cylinder decreases the load increases, the working pressure to improve internal leakage increases, increase the number of pump to cause leakage of cylinder speed is not up to the specified value.

2, hydraulic cylinder and load connection: load connection is not correct will cause the cylinder moves slow down.

3, hydraulic cylinder structure problems: piston end face and cylinder face close together, starting piston bearing area is not enough to drive the load caused by hydraulic shear plate cylinder moves slow down.

4, benefits flow valve malfunction: relief valve spool stuck in the open position is a great amount of oil from the relief valve to tank overflow, will make people into the cylinder flow reduction and less speed.

5, accumulator small volume or inflation pressure reduced.

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